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Go from humble Gun for hire to the next the Despotic Leader of the Galaxy. Lead men and droid to glory and riches, remember that the less of your men live, the more money you make. 

Become a Warlord and Tax and Conscript your subject to conquer the Galaxy, remember Droid can be hacked, but they are lower, Mercs can be braved but are powerful, conscripts are weak, but for everyone that fall, a Million more will take there place. 


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Interstellar Despot Sim Linux Demo 21 MB
Version 1
Interstellar Despot Sim MacOS Demo 21 MB
Version 1
Interstellar Despot Sim Windows Demo 20 MB
Version 1


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Costem StarSystem

I will creat a costom star system for your factiuon.

Costum Faction

I will Develop a custom Faction for you in your came with your factions backstory

Custom Models for your faction

Unit Models for the faction

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